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Skin Care

-          Nutritional supplements/Teas for babies and nursing mothers: Breastfeeding tea, Fruit tea, Immune system boost tea, Calming tea, Stomach ease tea

-          Mineral/Spring water for pregnant, nursing and babies - 0.5lt (comfortable and easy to put in the bags) and 1.0lt package

-          Hard soap(extra virgin oil with laurel berries oil)

-          Balm against hacking - when changing nappies

-          Massage oil for baby 2nd month

-          Light oil after bath

-          Oil with calendula fit for skin prone to dermatitis and allergies

-          Baby oil for bath

-          Purees for ages 4 month to 1 year of age, as recommended by the World Health Organization

-          Oil for pregnant

-          Oil for the mother after birth

-          Oil relief swollen feet when pregnant

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Лайкова Вода / Camomile tonic water. 250ml

Price: 9.50BGN

BIO/Organic Rose Water from Fresh Rose petals. 250ml

Price: 9.50BGN

Бебешки Балсам против подсичане / Diaper Care. 30ml

Price: 6.40BGN
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